Online School Management System

Bytes4sale a leading software house providing multiple services to its customers. To make your routine tasks easy and compatible, we at bytes4sale propounds Online School Management Software. Basically, as name describes itself School Management Software is used to manage your school’s daily tasks through a soft touch. Now, Managing a School or other organizations is not a big deal, process everything online and get peace of mind. School Management Software not only gives you the relief but also promote your School up to international level, comparison become strong. Professionals at bytes4sale gives you technical tips to meet at international level.


Easy to operate

School Management Software by bytes4sale designed under user friendly outcomes. Easy to operate and efficient School Management Software get instant responses. Start Managing your school with few touches on screen of your handset ever.


Online Biometric Attendance

Bytes4sale aim to secure its customer’s in advance. School Management Software introduces Biometric Attendance for students to ensure their presence in the school and also. You will get extra security measures record of your previous. Online Biometric Attendance, will be used to provide report of each activity of the product.


Stay Informed

Online School Management software is designed to provide convenience for you and for the parents of child’s too. Parents when busy in their routines so there is something for them. Parents now there is no need to be worried about your child performance at school, we will inform you through an SMS about all his daily activity.


What’s New

Online School Management Software offers a number of services which are I know you are unaware of all these. Online School Management Software enables you to manage admissions completely online and also from result compilation to its presenting on notice board each and everything would be handled online. This is what every institution wants to for you.

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