SMS Marketing

SMS Masking features helps you to send bulk SMS through sender ID. You can develop your own sender-ID with your brand name by using Business SMS Solutions. Masking SMS are helps you to engage with your customers, remind them about their orders, delivery and appointments. Are you worried that your messages are cheap and non-professional and affects your product, Don’t worry get every solution regarding your company or product from Business SMS Solutions and promote your product worldwide. You can get a virtual through Business SMS Solutions and link it to a permanent number you want to mask.

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Friendly SMS

Masked SMS service by bytes4sale creates user friendly SMS that are more responsive and attractive. Masked SMS by bytes4sale contains such an hospitable content like “Dear customer” etc, that makes response quick and almost from every user.


Direst Response

When sent SMS by bytes4sale SMS software you will get 100% response from customers because of quality content and also your SMS will sent by your Brand name. People like and response SMS having organization or Brand name and response within minutes.


Web Interface

Bytes4sale offers SMS that are socially integrative and create a friendly web-base access system. Our SMS integrates customers to read full description and ensure quick response.


Quick Surveys

You can also conduct quick surveys by sending number of Masked SMS to large number of audience at once. Just compose your content and send to the filtered audience. Masked SMS by bytes4sale allows you to send SMS along the way you want.

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